The Earth Experience: How To Understand And Adapt To A Changing World

Spiritual refuge in an uncertain World. Do you really understand the complexities of everyday living? Insightful, unique, refreshing, and life changing. “The Earth Experience” will positively change your outlook on life!

C.O. Hunter covers the evolution, sociological development, economic structures and attributes of mankind in a singularly unique manner you will not find from other authors. He takes the reader on a journey from the beginning of mankind to present day, giving the reader unique insight and answers into the factors leading to the current state of World affairs and conditions of the underclass.

The Earth Experience addresses questions mankind has always sought answers to but were told no definitive answers are available.

This book will help you gain your own personal perspective on life and help spark your path to finding your own answers about life’s mysteries. Once you do determine your beliefs you will find a level of peace and serenity you may not currently have. You will value, appreciate and enjoy your life more.


How to Train a God: A Unique Perspective On The Meaning Of Life

A powerful new perspective on life, death, reincarnation, souls and the power to create positive changes in the mental and physical way you approach life. After reading “How to Train a God” you will never see life the same way again.

Do you know your true purpose on Earth? "How to Train a God" explores the purpose of human beings on Earth, giving new insight and possibilities about the meaning of life. Hunter’s ability to see and articulate life in a way unique to him will give you much to think about.

In “How to Train a God” Hunter establishes that life might indeed be fair and the true purpose of mankind goes way beyond this lifetime. You will find yourself reading “How to Train a God” over and over, each time finding something new.

Multiverse Doppelgängers Change and the Subconscious Mind: Understanding Worldly and Unworldly Matters The Subconscious and Dreams

An inspirational journey of self-discovery C.O Hunter reveals the endless possibilities that surround us and how we can navigate the forces of the hidden world to live a healthier and happier life.

His writings on the Multiverse, dreams and the latent power of the subconscious mind are set to become classic reflections in the face of an ever-changing world. A journey towards personal enlightenment Hunters life transforming book reveals the true nature of the world about us and how we can effect life-affirming change by tapping into a formidable source of power that most of us will never find.

A book to be revisited time and time again, to begin your journey of self-discovery with Hunter is to open ourselves up to the hidden secrets of the Multiverse and transform our lives for the richer.


The Earth Experience

The Earth experience obviously varies from person to person based own their personal experiences.  However the Earth experience series of books will address issues and problems general affecting the masses universally.  No one person has all the answers or pieces of the puzzle,  but together with input from everyone, issues can be resolved or at least proposals can be created.


Future Plans

The ICN plans to expand the website to not only a platform for thought provoking literature, but to also be a conduit and source for the general masses have access to information to make informed decisions regarding their opinions and decisions.  ICN plans to post various  positions and sides to subject matter and hopefully spark positive healthy dialogue.

Promoting Writers

ICN plans to promote and provide a platform for forward thinking authors with original ideas, concepts, thoughts, and proposed answers to World problems.  No up front costs. Giving young authors a chance to get published.