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Our Approach


The intent of Impact Change Now is not to provide opinions, but encourage each individual to develop, re-affirm, and form their own individual opinions, principles, and ideas.  Also to develop partnerships with local and global individuals, communities and organizations, to help initiate, encourage, and support this principle.  ICN wants to facilitate informed decisions made by the general world population to initiate global changes.  These lofty goals require support.  Any support or input is welcomed and appreciated.  Each book sale or contributions will go into growing this movement, and the growing ability to provide free resources and grow this site.  As this site grows we will also provide helpful links to information and an outlet to let others post opinions and views.

Impact Change Now believes that each individual’s beliefs determine their actions.

The next major global changes will not be started by groups, clubs, or organizations.  The next global changes will begin with individuals.  Informed citizens make informed decisions.  Most people may continue to support what they currently believe. But an educated assessment and re-evaluation makes it your beliefs.

Our Story

Welcome and thanks for visiting the Impact Change Now (ICN) home page.  ICN’s goal is to help create a better World for everyone.  ICN does not want to just address World problems and issues, but to also suggest possible solutions.  The purpose of Impact Change Now (ICN) is to encouraging public participation, contribution, and ownership of global and communal issues.  ICN promotes the establishment, improvement, growth, and a sustainment of established uniform standards of quality of life for all human beings globally.  ICN supports the enlightenment, exchange of ideas, information, and providing accessible educational resources for everyone through this site and ICN publications.